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Western Frontier Transport Copter
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Transport Copter
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"I shall destroy you all, and escape by air transport!"-Kaiser Vlad

Air Transport Edit

Transporting up to five infantry and one light vehicle by the sky's, most of the airborne nations use these aircraft (save the Iron Legion). They play a very important role by sending reinforcements and preforming evacuations. Their water based counterpart in both capacity and role is the Naval Transport. They are not controllable by the player, as allied transports are AI-controlled protection targets and enemy transports are destruction targets. It can be easily take down by a single AA vehicle or a continuous rate of fire dealt by Assault Veterans, or even a Recon, Grunts, and a pair of MG Nests.

Involvement Edit

Western Frontier Edit

Battalion Wars 2 Unit dossier: The 10 berth rapid insertion C-Type Samson transports WF infantry and vehicles in and out of hot spots across the globe. What it lacks in offensive capability, it more than makes up for in armor.

Tundran TerritoriesEdit

Battalion Wars 2 Unit dossier: Sporting distinctive twin 3-blade rotors, the safety record of the Z-192 Kamel Rotokoplov is unmatched. Recent crop failures in the Tundran northern provinces have seen these aircraft performing weekly turnip runs to the affected areas.

Solar Empire Edit

Solar Transport

Battalion Wars 2 Unit Dossier:type-9 Foo-unn was developed following Empress Qa-Len's call for an offensive response to the legion threat. Many hundred thousands of imperial soldiers and tanks would cross oceans to Xylvania in their armored bellies. The Lightning Wars would claim alot of them.

Anglo Isles Edit

Battalion Wars 2 Unit Dossier: The Sycamore M1 whirlybird transport helicopter sports a turboshaft gear arrangement similar to the Frontier Duey AH-86. The origin of this design feature is hotly contested, conflicting patents preventing the design from going into civilian use.


Battalion Wars 2 Unit Dossier: Originally developed as a heavy bomber, the Zeppilitz GU-52 has been repurposed as a transport unit. Twin Zeinkel turboshaft engines give   huge lifting power and the cabins provide 54 meters cubed of cargo space.    Trivia            

  • The Western Frontier's C-Type Samson bears a close resemblence to the CH-47 Chinook.
  • The Tundran Territories' Z-192 Kamel Rotokoplov seems to be based on the Kamov Ka-25 although it is possible that it was based on the CH-54 Tarhe, albeit with twin-rotors instead.





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