Alliance of Nations
Alliance of Nations
Vital statistics
Title Alliance of Nations
Race Alliance
Faction Every one except Xylvania
Status Formed
Location Everywhere except Xylvania

The Alliance of Nations is an alliance of many nations in the world working together toward a common goal: fighting against threats to world peace, such Xylvania, and fight them whenever it is required. The Solar Empire seems to be a big part of the alliance, for it has fought against Xylvania since the dark ages.

History Edit

Battalion Wars Edit

The Alliance of Nations started in BW1 when the Xylvanians launched the pre-emptive strike upon the Frontier-Tundran armed forces, breaking their "alliance" with Tundra. The 2 enemies, Frontier and Tundra, set aside their bitter past to defeat this larger enemy. When the Xylvanians were cornered at the Dune Sea, they had no choice but to return to their homeland. However, Kaiser Vlad brought up a devious plan, and sought out the Solar Empire as a means of cover while they amass their troops. They invade and destroy everything in their path as they prepare for their second massive wave. However, Empress Lei-Qo allied with the Frontier-Tundran force to push the Xylvanians out of the Solar border and back into their homeland, thwarting their attempts at regrouping.


After the event of the first game the AON was disbanded, but a form of the alliance exists between the Solar empire and Western frontier.

While the war between the Solar-Tundran-Frontier forces and the Anglos were raging on, Kaiser Vlad led his troops to invade Tundra to set up their Mining Spider to search for Qa-Len's staff, destroying anything in their wake.

Both because they lost and they were threatened, the Solar Empire signed a truce with the Anglo Isles, ending their feud and reforming the Alliance of Nations. The Frontier-Tundran-Solar-Anglo super army engaged battle with the Xylvanian forces. Xylvania was defeated in the end, the Mining Spider was destroyed, and peace reigned throughout the globe.....

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Quotes Edit

  • "And so, the Alliance of Nations is reformed." - Lei-Qo
  • "Go Alliance of Nations!" -Betty

Trivia Edit

  • The Alliance of Nations even has its own insignia, a globe with 2 different-colored arrows meeting. It has only appeared in the final campaign mission, "The Reckoning," after you help the Frontier Heavy Tanks repel the Xylvanian Battlestation. It appears again in the final cutscene, where it is shown on a flag flying high. and it was Based of the Real Life The United Nations or UN
  • The Anglo Isles is the only member nation to have fought a war against all the other member nations.