BW2 Artillery

Artillery guns are lightly armored, mobile heavy guns. The units are ineffective up close, as their cannons are unable to effectivly hit anything under their minimum range. However they are effective against pactically any ground target and naval unit they can fire on without fear of counter attack, using their long-range cannons. They can blow tanks with ease, obliterate infantry clusters, destroy defensive structures, and, when in groups, can even sink ships .



X l 2 artillery2

An Xylvanian Artillery Piece next to a Battlestation and AA Unit.

Playable artillery guns are first seen in the BW mission, "A Line in the Sand". The Player is instructed to use them to eliminate the many defenses stationed at Tsar Gorgi's Airbase.

Involvement Edit

Western Frontier Edit

BW2.WF Artillery

Preacher PK-772

  • Weapons: One 185mm Low-Recoil Cannon and one Heavy Machine Gun.


Tundran Territories Edit

Weapons : Modified 12-inch naval gun and a .50 Cal (12,7mm) MG.

Solar Empire Edit

=== Anglo Isles ===

Xylvania Edit

Modified gun of unspecified caliber, one 8mm MG.

Iron Legion Edit

Strategy Edit

The best way to use Artillery is to attack enemies that are far away, however most enemies will move into attack range if you shell them first. Because of this the best thing to do is backup as the enemy advances toward you so they stay in range of your long-range cannon and you stay out of their attack range.

Trivia Edit

  • The Xylvanian artillery resembles an 88mm anti-armor gun, or FLaK 88, infamously used by the Wehrmacht in WWII.
  • The Xylvanian seems to have four wheels made out of a solid, rock-like substance. Another interesting fact about the Xylvanian artillery is if you look at the base of the cannon, it appears that the artillery could have the ability to turn the main cannon.
  • The Iron Legion's artillery gun bears ressemblence to heavy siege guns used in WWI.
  • Since this artillery uses a naval cannon, there is huge recoil, sometimes knocking away nearby infantry!
  • Artillery is one of the few armored units used by all nation the others are heavy tanks and fighters
  • The Anglo Isles artillery is a truck with a mounted revolving cannon.