Colonel Austin

This is the first mission where you command as Austin.

Assault on Windbreak Ridge
is the 3rd mission in Battalion Wars. The mission starts with the cutscene with Tsar Gorgi and Marshall Nova playing chess when Major Nelly tells Nova of the fighting between the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories. When the Tsar confesses to causing the fighting, Nova appoints Nelly as the leader of the Tundran military much to the dismay of the Tsar. The cutscene ends with the Tsar storming out of the palace, presumably exiled by his son.

Mission Edit

The mission starts out with the player in control of a squad of grunts that are sent to reinforce the Frontier's radar array at Windbreak Ridge. After fighting their way through a small Tundran encampment they are chased by Tundran Heavy Recons. The recons are destroyed by Frontier Bazooka Veterans near the radar array which join the player's Battalion. Once the Battalion reaches the array the player gets additional grunts and is asked to defend it by Colonel Austin. Colonel Austin shows how to make units of the same type be in a different mode than another type of unit. He then shows how to make units enter MG nests. Major Nelly sends in a wave of infantry, followed by a wave of recons, followed by another wave of infantry. It is worth noting that infantry always comes from the rear entrance and vehicles always come from the main entrance. Next, she sends in both at the same time. After these waves the Frontier gets four more rifle grunts and a Light Tank which it uses to defend the spot from the rest of the enemy, which consists of two Tundran light tanks. After the Tundrans are defeated Major Nelly shows she has a crush on the Colonel.

Units Edit

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Strategy Edit

A good strategy is to leave the Bazooka vets at the side of the array where the player comes from at the beginning of the mission because recons will always spawn on that side. Also there are 2 MG nests that the player can use to destroy the enemy grunts.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first mission where the player plays as Colonel Austin.
  • Major Nelly hits on Colonel Austin after the battle, and apparently they get married after the war as shown in the BWii MP mission From Tundra With Love.
  • The name of this mission is inspired by the battle known as the "assault on Heartbreak Ridge" during the Korean War. This battle inspired a movie of the same name, starring Clint Eastwood.
  • Funnily enough, the word "Windbreak" is related to the phrase "breaking wind", a slang term for passing gas from one's rear.
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