The player first uses a Battle Station in this mission

The Battle of the Coral Atolls is the 16th mission in Battalion Wars and the last mission in the Coral Atolls. The mission involves the Western Frontier attacking and destroing the main Xylvanian Head Quarters in the Coral Atolls.The mission is lead by Brigadier Betty and the enemy is lead by Kaiser Vlad and Countess Ingrid.

Mission Edit

The mission tasks the player with assaulting and destroying the xylvanian head quarters which provides resupplie and repair to all xylvanian forces in the coral atolls, without it the xylvanian army would have to retreat from the area. The player starts out on the farthest island and must advance onto the others using a frontier battlestation. The player faces an enemy battle station on the second island then another on the third. Their are two capture points which must be taken in order to complete the mission, one on the 3rd (protected by one of the battlestations)and the other on the last island. Countess ingrid will also send multiple gunships to support the islands defense force so be careful. Once the area is in Frontier hands Kaiser Vlad will order a retreat from the Coral Atolls and Ingrid will suggest resurrecting the Iron Legion which will appear later in the game.



  • grunts
  • flame vets
  • missile vets
  • Battlestation
  • bomber


  • Assault vets (P.O.W.)


  • grunts
  • rocket vets
  • ack-ack vets
  • heavy tanks
  • artillary
  • battlestation
  • gunships


Liberating the two P.O.W. camps holding solar empire assault vets can prove invaluble later in the mission

Your bomber is a very important unit! use it to destroy the artillary on the last island early and try to keep it out of the range of enemy anit air it can be very useful against enemy battlestations

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