Beachhead is the first mission in the Dune Sea Campaign as well as the first mission where the Player fights the Xylvanian Military.  The opening cutscene shows Ingrid returning from her bomber strike on the Western Frontier and Tundran Territories telling Kaiser Vlad about the success of the mission. The Kaiser then tells Ubel to attack the dune scene while Ubel tells his desire to become the govanator of the continent after the victory. General Herman inform the player about the Dune Sea as well as the massive Xylvanian attack.

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This is the first mission were the player confronts the xylvanian military

Mission Edit

The player is tasked with defending Fort Omaha against The attacking Xers (Frontier slang for Xylvanians) The player start the mission with a heavy recon and needs to rush to the fort. After fighting the attackers off General Herman will inform you that more enemies are on the way. After a few waves Ingrid lends bomber support for ubels forces but the frontier gets an anti-air vehicle and succesfully drives off the invaders.

Units Edit


  • grunts
  • Assault Vets
  • Bazooka Vets
  • heavy recon
  • artillery
  • anit air vehicle
  • T-copter


  • grunts
  • bazooka Vets
  • light tanks
  • bomber
  • T-copter

Strategy Edit

A good strategy is to put your artillery on the hills on the side of the map, there they will be able to support anywhere on the map and won't be engaged by enemy Bazooka vets. (dont leave them at the fort, the walls will block their shots!)

leave a good amount of troops at the capture point most enemies will make a B-line for it and can really screw you over.

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