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Behind Enemy Lines is the second mission in Battalion Wars 1. The cutscene before the mission has General Herman explain to the player that Tsar Gorgi has launched an attack against the Western Frontier.


As the player meets up with some Grunts from Bravo Company, the player discovers the same Tundran spy in the previous mission, Combat Patrol. The player kills the spy, and goes up, kills two more soldiers, and sees a small Tundran camp. General Herman explains how to switch to global mode, and then realizes that the enemy is in cover. General Herman then tells the player to flank around the cover from the side. Once defeating those grunts, the player goes up a hill and gets in an MG nest. Tsar Gorgi sends a few grunts across the bridge, but they are no match for the MG nest. The player goes across the rope bridge and into the forest, and kills two more grunts, with General Herman explaining fallen logs and sandbags to use as cover. The player enters the POW camp and General Herman sends in an air strike. Next, you kill all of the Tundran grunts at the camp and free the Frontier prisoners, which consists of four rifle grunts. General Herman also sends four more rifle grunts and a light tank via transport copter. General Herman then shows how to switch to the tank with the Z button. As the tank, the player enters the camp, and destroys MG towers and recons. Tsar Gorgi is not fazed by this loss, and sends in more rifle grunts and bazooka veterans in an effort to destroy the tank. Once destroying all ammo dumps and light recons with a golden star above them, the mission ends, even if there is still enemy infantry alive. Tsar Gorgi explains to General Herman how he is not fazed by this loss, as all it is doing is strengthing his resolve to defeat the Western Frontier.



  • Destroy the Tundran Supply Base (5)


  • Free the POWs


Player (Western Frontier)[]


  • Grunt (1)


  • Grunt (4) - near start
  • Grunt (4) - POW Camp
  • Grunt (4) + Light Tank - Air Transport delivery

NPC (Western Frontier)[]

Appear during POW camp arrival:

  • Fighter (2)
  • Bomber - attacks POW camp defenses once, doesn't do anything else

Enemy (Tundra Territories)[]

Near start:

  • Spy

North of start:

  • Grunt (4) - 2 advance, 2 stay behind cover

Rope bridge attack force:

  • Grunt (4)

Forest defense:

  • Grunt (2)

POW Camp defense:

  • Grunt (6)
  • Fighter

Supply base front defense:

  • Grunt (2)

Supply base core defense:

  • Grunt (11)
  • Bazooka (2)
  • Light Recon (4) - only one moves
  • Heavy Recon
  • MG Tower (2)


  • Grunt - 29
  • Bazooka - 2
  • Spy - 1
  • Light Recon - 4
  • Heavy Recon - 2
  • Fighter - 1
  • MG Tower - 2


  • Speed required for 100%: 6:15
  • Speed for 0%: 16:15