Tsar Gorgi

The Tsar return in this mission

Black Gold is the 11th mission in Battalion Wars and final mission in the Dune Sea Campaign. The mission is lead by Brigadier Betty and requires the player to elliminate multiple Xylvanian anit-air positions to clear a way for a bombing run. The Xylvanians are led by Kommandant Ubel and Kaiser Vlad. At the end of the mission Tsar Gorgi returns to help the Frontier but during the ending cutscene he is found by Ubel and thrown off a bridge killing him.

Mission Edit

The mission requires the player to destroy 5 anti-air positions in order for Frontier Bombers to destroy 3 nerocite mining towers. The map for the most part is canyon like and wide open allowing the player to manuever when necesary. The first 3 anti-air positions are close to the spawn and are lined up. The other two are over a bridge guarded by heavy tanks and Mini guns. Once the player has destroyed all anti-air positions 2 bombers will be under their command and must be used to destroy the extraction towers .Once the first tower is destroyed enemy fighters will try to shoot you down but Tsar Gorgi will come to the rescue and Tundran fighters will come to cover your bomber.



  • Grunts
  • Assault vets
  • mortor vets
  • Heavy recon
  • Gunships
  • Bomber (after completing the first objective)


  • fighters


  • grunts
  • bazooka vets
  • mini gun vets
  • ack-acks
  • heavy tanks
  • fighters

Startegy Edit

The anti-air positions will engage your gunships which are your only defense against the enemy heavy tanks. Try to destroy the ack-acks as quickly as possible so your gunships can remove the tanks.

The enemy fighters will destroy your bombers if you take to long so make a B-line for the remaining towers once the first one is destroyed.

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