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Bonus Mission 3 is unlocked by achieving a high score in the Coral Atolls Campaign. This is the only mission where you control the Solar Empire. It takes place on The Guns of Tiki Bay map where the player is tasked with keeping the heavy tanks alive against Countess Ingrid. The player starts on the opposite side of the island, in the fortress. First the Xylvanian artillery must be destroyed. Then the player is ordered to clear all enemy anti-air vehicles so Empress Lei-Qo can deploy a fighter squad to eliminate enemy air attack. Ingrid then sends waves of air attacks against the heavy tanks which the player must prevent. Only then is victory achieved.

Units Edit

Solar Empire/the Player

  • grunts
  • plasma vets
  • assault Vets
  • heavy tanks
  • fighters


  • artillery
  • grunts
  • bazooka vets
  • heavy tanks
  • anti-air vehicles
  • bombers
  • gunships
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