This is the first mission in the Xylvania Campaign led by Commanding Officer General Herman. Your first Primary Objective is to capture all four Radar Arrays in 6 minutes and push to Xylvania. There will be MG Nests at every array and two at the front of the starting bridge which is in front of the starting area. There are also two MG Towers at the cliff sides of the bridge as soon as you attack, Kaiser Vlad will send Bazooka Veterans and Rifle Grunts at you. There are more bazooka vets and MG Fortifacations located at the other arrays. Artillery will fire upon your position after capturing the second array. After capturing all arrays another primary objective will activate and you will push forward with bazooka vet and Anti-Air Veteran reinforcement. Heavy Tanks and more artillery will be located ahead with bazooka vets gaurding them. Once at your primary objective’s location, AI controlled Fighter Jets will reinforce your troops against Xylvanian Bombers. Once all heavy tanks and artillery are destroyed the mission will be completed.

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