This is the only time in the Battalion Wars series where you can use a strato destroyer

Call Sign Eagle is the 14th mission in Battalion Wars and the 3rd mission in the Coral Atolls Campaign. The mission is an all air based mission where the player controls all of the Frontier's air units.

Mission Edit

The mission begins with the player in controls of a squadron of fighters and tasked with destroying fleeing Xylvania T-copters. Destroying the T-copters is a secondary objective but makes the rest of the mission easier. General Herman then lands a battalion of handpicked men to assault the Xylvania position on the island. The player is then given control of 2 Frontier bombers and is tasked with protecting the ground troops. Once all Xylvania ground defenses are destroyed the ground battalion will start to capture the enemy base, and once they start Kaiser Vlad will try to reinforce the area by flying in ground troops to garrison the base. In defense, Austin sends Strato Destroyer. Once the island has been captured 2 Xylvania strato destroyers will appear and must be destroyed for the mission to be complete.

Units Edit


  • 18 grunts (AI only)
  • 4 fighters
  • 2 bombers
  • 3 gunships (P.O.W.)
  • 1 strato destroyer


  • grunts
  • t-copters
  • artillary
  • heavy tanks
  • fighters
  • strato destroyers

Strategy Edit

At the beggining of the mission try to destroy as many T-copters as possible. The more you destroy the easier the rest of the mission will become.

Gunship P.O.W.s can be found on the island. since they are easier to control it would be a good idea to free them early.

Also, be sure to take out the enemy artillery on the island.