Vital statistics
Faction Anglo Isles
Health low
Level "Operation finest hour"
Status Active
Location angelo isles
Health low
Resistances low
Weaknesses no weapons

The cleanup squad is the highest ranking cleaners in the Anglo Isles and their sole purpose is to keep national monuments clean. They are armed with cleaning supplies and rifle.

They have the same combat stats as a Grunt and look the same except for the water bucket and mop mounted on their backs.They are under direct command of Colonel Windsor,and even with all their military importance, they appear only in the third mission of the Anglo campaign, "Operation Reprimand", and only after the destruction of a Solar Anti-Air Array(AAA), where they have to clean the most beloved monument of the country according to Colonel Windsor, Windsor's Column.

They cannot fight and must be escorted by bombers, which must clear out the Artillery, Light Tanks, Grunts ,MG Towers, MG Tanks, and Light Towers blocking their way to the Anglo Monument.

"This specially-commissioned Home Guard Battalion falls under the direct command of Colonel Windsor. Charged with the sole responsibility of keeping Anglo national monuments spick-and-span, it's the most highly-regarded military posting in the Isles."

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