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Combat Patrol is the first mission in Battalion Wars 1. It starts off with a cutscene showing the demilitarized zone between the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories, waiting in case of a preemptive strike. Next, the cutscene shows the original Tundran Territories' leader Tsar Gorgi pass the position to his son, Marshall Nova. The cutscene then shows Western Frontier Rifle Grunts getting out of shape, and Brigadier Betty explains to the angry General Herman how the truce might not last very long now that Marshall Nova is in power, and suggests a practice sortie to perk up the soldiers' spirits.


The mission begins with the player going through the Fort Gridiron Obstacle Course, which explains how to move, jump, lock on, fire, combat roll, and look around while not moving. The player then exits the course and goes across a bridge, finding a Tundran spy. The player chases the spy and destroys listening posts and spy balloons. As the player keeps following the spy, the player eventually comes across four more Frontier rifle grunts. Brigadier Betty then explains how to toggle between follow mode and sentry mode. As the player keeps following the spy, the player discovers two Tundran Soldiers. The player battles them, and Brigadier Betty explains how to order units to attack enemies. Next, the player liberates a light recon and, upon following the spy, the player discovers a Tundran Armored Division. Upon arriving there, the mission ends and Tsar Gorgi explains how Marshall Nova really didn't want peace, but Brigadier Betty has a hard time buying this.



  • Advance to the Gold Star marked on your Radar
  • Chase the Spy
  • Put Alpha Company in Follow Mode
  • Destroy the Ammo Dump
  • Control-transfer to the Recon Unit


Player (Western Frontier)[]


  • Grunt (1)


  • Grunt (4) - west of dead Grunt
  • Recon - POW Camp

Enemy (Tundra Territories)[]

Right past the bridge:

  • Spy - can't be hit
  • Listening Post (3)
  • Spy Balloon (2)

After the first sharp turn:

  • Listening Post (2)
  • Spy Balloon

Guarding the POW Camp:

  • Grunt (2)

Armored division shown units:

  • Grunt - 3


  • Grunt - 5
  • Spy
  • Listening Post - 5
  • Spy Balloon - 3


Speed required for 100%: 5:00