The Coral Atolls Campaign is the 3rd campaign in Battalion Wars. The Campaign itself was a combined operation by the Alliance of Nations (Frontier, Tundra, and later the Solar Empire) to free the eastern part of the Solar Empire (known as Coral Atolls) from the Xylvanians after their defeat during the Dune Sea Campaign.


After their defeat in the Dune Sea, Kaiser Vlad invaded the Solar Empire as a act of revenge for defeating the Iron Legion during the Lightining Wars. The campaign begins after a Western Expeditionary Force sent to the Solar Empire to meet with Empress Lei-Qo was captured by Xylvanians. The Alliance sent a much stronger force to the region and with the help of the Solar army were able to push back the invaders and send them back to their homeland.

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  • The Coral Atolls campaign is based off the pacific campaign fought between the United States and Japan during the second world war, however, in Battalion Wars is the Xylvanians (based on Nazi Germany) invading the Solar Empire (Based on Japan).
  • Another reason for the Xylvanian occupation could be that it was invaded at the same time as the Dune Sea, the Alliance may not have known about it until they lost their expeditionary force, however based on dialoge from Ingrid this is unlikely.
  • Tundran units are never actually shown during the campaign but it is speculated that they were part of the operation from Major Nelly's appearance during the opening cutscene.
  • The Iron Legion are hinted befone the start of the campaign but don't make an appearance until the Xylvanian Campaign.
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