Crater of the Sun
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Type Crater
Levels Level range
Location Xylvania
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Lightning WarsEdit

The Crater of the Sun is the location where Lord Ferrok's stronghold, the Iron Tower, once stood before he, it, and the Iron Legion were obliterated in a destructive pillar of light which had been fired by the Solar Empire's Secret Weapon, the Sattelite Energy Cannon, and directed to the location by its activation source: The Staff of Qa-Len.

Present DayEdit

Afterwards, it became the location of a monument built by the modern Xylvanians, known as The Cenotaph, which was also a portal to the netherworld where the vanished Legion resided. Awaiting the time where they could return to the world and take revenge on the Solar Empire. They finally got their chance when Countess Ingrid stole Kaiser Vlad's Sword of Honor and used it to resurrect the Iron Legion in the vain and foolish hopes of saving Xylvania from the Allied Invasion Forces. Under the joint-command of Colonel Austin and Empress Lei-Qo, the portal was sealed by the destruction of The Cenotaph, effectively ending the Legion's return and any hope of victory and salvation for Xylvania.




The remains of the Iron Legion.


  • The Cenotaph itself resembles the Iron Tower.
  • Although all types of veterans were obliterated with the Tower, it seems that ingrid could only call out Grunts, Rocket Vets, Flame Vets, Gunships, and Heavy Tanks.
  • The Cenotaph seems more advanced than regular legion technology, by having shields, or is it supernatural?
  • It's an early version of bases in bw 2, a Barracks, HQ, and Factory all in one.


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