Game Type: Edit

This glitch only occurs in Battalion Wars 1 for the Nintendo Gamecube.

How to use the glitch:Edit

This glitch can be done on any mission in the game. It is quite simple.

The unit also acts like there is an invisible sandbag defence in front of it.

Take your unit for example, "A Rifle Grunt" to the place you want him.

Hold down the "R trigger" on the controller, and you'll go into mannal aim.

Still holding the "R trigger" down, press the start button and open the map screen.

Using the "Z button" transfer, transfer to a different unit.

Once you've done that, go see your unit, and it'll be in a defence position.


The unit in this glitch will act a bit differently than it would normally.

Positive Effects:Edit

1.) The unit will act very hostile to any enemies around it's position.

2.) If an enemy appoarches it, it'll engage without your command.

3.) It will not take as much damage as it would, standing up.

Negative Effects:Edit

1.) Your unit will remain stationary and can not move.

2.) If you call it to "Follow Mode", it will not follow you.

3.) When you transfer to it, you can not move. (Unless you jump.)

Cutscene Errors:Edit

In certain cutscenes, if you use this glitch, they'll remain that way through the cutscene.

They will not cheer or party as seen in most cutscenes.

Battalion Wars 2?:Edit

At the moment, it is not possible to trigger the glitch.