The Dune Sea is a desert situated in the South West of the second continent, which is east to the first continent where you can find the Tundran Territories and the Western Frontier, It has a common border with Xylvania, The Dune Sea was politicaly controlled by the Tundran Territories until Tsar Gorgi give up the region to the Xylvanian in exchange of help during the Frontier War.

Xylvania tried to conquer the Dune Sea in the first BW because of it's resources. The Xylvanians were most of all interested in Nerocite, a fuel needed for their war machinery. For this, they built countless extraction towers, but they were captured or destroyed when the allies fought back.


A light tank in the dune sea

Campaign Edit

The Dune Sea campaign consists on the Alliance of Nations trying to hold their territory against the invading forces of Xylvania who are trying to get the Region's Nerocite. The campaign consists of 5 mission and is the second campaign in the game as well as the first time the player fights the Xylvanian Military.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dune Sea seems to have been based on the real-life Middle East.
  • It is unknown how much Nerocite was collected by the Xylvanians (if any) before being ousted from the region.
  • In Star Wars, the Dune Sea is a large desert on the planet Tatooine.
  • The Nerocite fuel the Xylvanians fought for may have a real-life counterpart: Crude Oil.
  • The fact that there are Towns on the Dune Sea implies that theres is or was population on the Region before the Dune Sea Campaign.
  • Its speculated that they wanted to use Nerocite to finally invade the Solar Empire: their ancient Enemy.