Lei Qo
Vital statistics
Title Empress
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Solar Empire
Status Status
Location Location

Empress Lei Qo is the current leader of the Solar Empire. She lead the Solar Empire throughout the Battalion Wars video games, and predicted that history would repeat itself before the Anglo Launched their assault.


Not much is known about Lei-Qo's past. She was schooled well, as her endless proverbs provide knowledgable information every once in a while.


She serves as the Empress of the Solar Empire, but appears to have very limited military power as Admiral Aquira disobeys her direct command not to launch a counterattack against the Anglo. She did immediately make a peace treaty with the Anglo Isles as soon as the conflict ended. It was under her command that Solar Fighters helped the Western Frotier defeat the Iron Legion and Countess Ingrid.


Always prepares for battle. She usually sends large battalions to fight the enemy.


  • "History has come full circle, it is just as I have foreseen." -BWii
  • "And so, the Alliance of Nations is reformed." -BWii
  • "History has shown that the conquerer soon becomes the conquered. Only a fool believes in victory through conquest!" - BWI
  • "Tea, anyone?" -BWI


  • She has magical powers.
  • Her name seems to be a faux-Chinese rendering of the Japanese name Reiko

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