Flame Vetran
Western Frontier Flame Vet battalion
Vital statistics
Title Anti-Infantry Veteran Unit
Faction Western Frontier, Xylvania, Solar Empire, Anglo Isles, Tundran Territories, Iron Legion
Health 1500
Level Many
Status Commonly Deployed
Location In Most War Zone
Flame Vetran
Health 1500
Resistances Anti-Air (immune) (BW2 only)
Weaknesses Crushing (7x)
Flame Vets are the anti-infantry specialist in short range combat. Though their flamethrowers do well against tightly packed enemy infantry and can ignore sandbag cover, they see less effectiveness against any form of vehicle.

Flame Vet weapons run on a heat system similar to Assault Vets, except without the escalating rate of fire. While Flame Vet weapons take longer to overheat, they also take longer to cool down should they overheat. Infantry set aflame by a Flame Vet will continue to take small amounts of damage over time, even if the Flame Vet is no longer firing on them.


Western FrontierEdit

Early iterations of the H2-2 Thermidor anti-personnel flamethrower were designed to run on tank gasoline. General Herman was so eager to deploy them in the field that whole armor battalions were almost left stranded without fuel.

Tundran TerritoriesEdit

Originally developed with no military application in mind, the TOZT-23 Defroster was designed to free naval vessels trapped by sheet ice. It is now used to lighty toast Xylvanian marauders.

Solar EmpireEdit

The power coils of the "Vengeful Wind" plasma flame projector are forged over many years. Complex alloys are taken and meticulously worked under the light of the moon, the night air cooling the tempered metals treated to withstand the high-temperature plasma they must channel.

Anglo IslesEdit

These infantrymen form the vanguard of an Anglo advance, striking fear into the heart of the enemy with the distinctive noise produced by their weapon's bag-and-pipe propellant system. The T-22 "Puff Dragon" flamethrower they carry can also brown a teacake in seconds.

Xylvania (Acid Gas Veteran)Edit

Acid Gas units are equipped with a backpack of pressurized Ghosgene gas. The vile substance has phosphor-type properties and can trigger incandescent self-combustion when used against personnel.

Iron LegionEdit

Razenkriege Division anti-infantry shock troopers were a devastating frontline deployment. All that stood in their way was incinerated. The pressurized Nerocite reaction, which fueled the weapon's furnace, generated an ear-piercing scream that often drove its user insane. When fighting Undead legionnaires, the scream is often attributed to a supernatural source.

Gallery Edit


  • Solar flame vets were originally known as Plasma Warriors in Battalion Wars.
  • Acid Gas (Ghosgene) is, presumably, supposed to be Phosgene gas, a chemical gas used in World War 1.
  • Oddly, Frontier Flame Vets' brightly-colored masks make them look like Mexican luchador wrestlers.
  • It is stated that the Iron legion Flame Vet weapon produces a screaming sound that can cause whoever hears it to go insane, possibly referring to the noise that can actually be heard during gameplay when controlling a Flame Vet.
  • Additionally, the Legion flame weapon is stated to use a furnace powered by Nerocite, which is a prevalent resource in the first Battalion Wars as a fuel for vehicles.
  • Anglo Flame Veterans' flamethrowers are heavily inspired by bagpipes, which is a very popular instrument in the real UK.
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