Fort Omaha
Vital statistics
Type Military Base
Location Western Dune Sea
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Fort Omaha is a Western Frontier-controlled military base located on the western coast of the Dune Sea.


The Fort was used by the Western Frontier to conduct military operations in the Dune Sea before and during the Frontier-Tundra war. When Xylvanian launched its attack on the Western Frontier, the fort was used to repel Xylvanian invaders trying to gain a foothold for the Dune Sea campaign. Xylvanian armed forces led by Kommander Ubel launched wave after wave of infantry, and a final wave of armored vehicles in an attempt to claim the base. However, the Frontier repelled them easily because of both a heavily entrenched position and artillery support. After numerous failed attacks, Ubel launched a desperate final offensive against the Frontier with bomber support provided by Countess Ingrid. In response, Frontier Command sent an Anti-Air Vehicle to the area, along with numerous Infantry reinforcements. With the added assistance, the Western Frontier managed to destroy an entire Xylvanian bomber attack wing. Upon the destruction of the bombers, the remainder of the Xylvanian force surrendered, resulting in a Western Frontier victory.


The area around Fort Omaha is filled with defenses, including sandbags, barbed wire, anti-tank barriers, and other emplacements, including 4 bunkers. It also has great natural defenses, forcing the invading Xylvanians to climb up a hill to the Frontier position while Artillery perched on nearby hills fired down onto them.

Trivia Edit

Fort Omaha is a real-life military installation used by the U.S. military as a barracks and supply station. Additionally, Omaha Beach was the Allied code name for one of the June 6, 1944, Battle of Normandy sites. This reflects the fact that the Xylvanians are forced to come onto the beach and attack the Western Frontier entrenched positions, much like the Normandy Landing, excepts the roles have been reversed. The Germans are attacking while the U.S. is defending.