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Solar Frigate
Vital statistics
Title Anti Air and Anti Sub vessel
Faction all
Health moderate
Level mulitple
Status in service
Location location
Health moderate
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A Frigate is an Anti Air and Anti sub vessel, however it is extremely weak against normal naval units.


This ship is a Dreadnoughts best friend. but it can only attack subs and air units.


Frigates are one of the more scarce units in the game.

All nations have them besides the Iron Legion.


The Squall “hunter killer” frigate employs magnetic anomaly detection to locate submerged quarry with ease. In addition to a depth charge lobber, a Silverfish missile rack makes it the most potent anti-air vessel in the Frontier’s navy.

It can only be used in one skirmish mission called Exchange of Fire. However, the assault mission, Storm the Palace, has 2 unused frigates. The location also has 2 battleships and 1 dreadnought. The Xylvanians have 3 artillery and 2 bombers.


For many years political officers were assigned to Kipperov frigates to ensure conscripted seamen adhered to the party line and did not instigate mutinies. To ensure maximum obedience the political officer always doubled as ship’s cook


The turning point of the Lighting Wars was marked by Type-22 “Swordfish” blockades forming an anti-air barrier around the coastlines of Old Xylvania, putting a stop to Legion bombers raids entirely, trapping the Iron Lord’s airforce within it’s national boundaries.

The Solar Empire frigate shows up 4 times in game. The first time it shows it is in a cut scene in Rally the Defenses. 2nd you play as it in Repel the Enemy. 3rd it is in the 1st cut scene in the Anglo Isles campaign. 4th is in the last cut scene of the Anglo campaign.


Home to the finest “haddock and chips” in the Isles, Porthampton is a favorit shore leave destination amongst Anglo seamen. Nearbly shipyards overse construction of the vessel which shares the town’s name, the Porthampton-class frigate.

It shows up once in Up Periscope when you can play it. It is probably the first time you play as one (in Repel the Enemy you usually play always as the battleship.)


The X-120 Völn frigate began as a stolen Tundran secret aircraft project. However, ambitious attempts to retrofit the Reverse-Magno hover effect were too costly, and a hydrofoil redesign became necessary

It shows up twice. Operation Nautilus it frequently shows up and in Exchange of Fire you can play as it.



These ship are vulnerable to battleships, dreadnoughts, and artillery. Because of this you should always have a Submarine protect it. The Frigate is very fast meaning that it can evade enemy unit's attacks if your fast enough and this also means that it can very easily take down air units. The Frigate is also able to attack enemy Submarines but if the Submarine pilot is skilled enough it can kill your other Naval Units by itself very easily.


The Frigate is the only vehicle in Battalion Wars where you can manually control two weapons on the same vehicle. (AA Missile and Depth Charge.)