Frontier Wars3

The Western Frontier attacking a Tundran Outpost during the War

The Frontier Wars were on and off major conflicts between the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories.

The WarsEdit


Ever since both the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories became world powers, they have been at odds with each other due to their differing ways of life and the expansionist tendencies of Tundra, who unlike the Frontier, was authoritarian monarchy always trying to expand their influence in the world stage.

The Tundran Campaign (30 years ago, BWii)Edit

30 years ago, Tsar Gorgi was mislead to believe that the Frontier had developed a super weapon and ordered a pre-emptive strike on the Western Frontier, which lead to a renewal of historic tensions

The Tundrans almost overran the Frontier's border forces into the edge of their borderlands but the Frontier was able to stop the Tundrans with General Herman being the one that was able to drive back the invaders to their borders. however, Herman was uneasy with the fact that a small Xylvanian force was present on the Western-Tundran Border searching for something.

The Frontier and the Tundrans were able to politically end the conflict but not the tensions, probably leading to the construction of the Demilitarized Zone between the nations.

The Frontier Campaign (Battalions Wars)Edit

Frontier Wars2

The Western Frontier attacking a Tundran Tank

30 years later, Tsar Gorgi gave up his position of ruler of the Tundran Territories to his son Marshall Nova due to his old age. however, he feared that his son would eventually weaken the Tundran Territories's influence on the world, for this reason, Gorgi launched a secret invasion to the Western Frontier.

The war was restarted after Tsar Gorgi attempted to infiltrated an entire armored division into the Western Frontier, but his plans were thwarted by the Commander (The Player), After this event, the Frontier immediately started their invasion on the Tundran Territories.

Frontier Wars

The Tundrans attacking a Western Outpost

After defending the radar array at Windbreak Ridge, freeing the Frontier Spies, capturing Castle Potempkin, destroying Marshal Nova's Iron Eight tanks, the Frontier began an attack on a major Tundran Stronghold where the Tundrans had their comunications array. However, during the battle a Xylvanian bomber squadron commanded by Countess Ingrid was sent to bomb both armies. After the Xylvanian assault, Frontier and Tundran forces put an end to the Frontier Wars once and for all and joined together to form the Alliance of Nations in a bid to stop the Xylvanian threat.

After the peace accords were signed, the Demilitarized Zone was destroyed after 30 years in a sign of peace by both sides.


  • Is believed that the Demilitarized Zone was created after the Tundran Campaign.
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