gunships of the desert was a mission to capture a neorocite extraction compound, colnel austin command a battalion to take a nerocite mining compound. ingrids defences were small, just a few gunships [which you can destroy in beagaing if you chose] the battalion starts out with 3 missle vetrans and a heavy recon, the small battalion destroys the landed gunships and thier pliots, then they crossed the broken bridge by either trverseing the bridge, or swim across . then they met up with a armored divsion and a gunship . The air transport was shot down, by anti air tanks , the commander then used the guship, to clear the area of hevy tanks and rocket vets , then proceed to the infantry division . they destroy the anti air tanks, they then go inside the compound, vlad sent help to ingrid but is was to late ingrid was upset at her solders but austin was cheerful with his men

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