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Vital statistics
Type Objective/Grunt production facility
Levels Numerous
Location Variously placed on map
Unit created here Grunts

The HQ is a critical objective during the events of Battalion Wars 2.


The HQ is always a primary objective when it appears:

  • When it is of your faction, it must be held for your faction.
  • When it is of the enemy faction, it must be captured for your faction.


The HQ is located in different places depending on the mission. Often, it will have MG Nests, Miniguns, or other forms of immobile defense.


The HQ is variously located; as such the environment can be defensive or have no effect.


Grunts are reproduced at HQs.

Things to attackEdit

HQs of the enemy must be captured.If you lose your HQ,you lose the game.


Grunts are reproduced at the HQ. Barracks also spawn Grunts.


HQs appear is many levels. These levels are: A Matter Of Honor, Repel The Enemy, Line In The Sand, Enemies Undone(2), Up Periscope, From Tundra With Love(Co-op), Storm The Beaches(Co-op).

As well as being located in many single player and co-op missions, there is 1 HQ in every assult mission which must be captured to ensure victory for the attacking force.

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