Herman's Heroes is the second mission in the solar empire campaign. The mission starts with a cutscene that shows General Herman and emperess Lei-Qo having tea discussing their new alliance against Xylvania. During this Lei-Qo show that she has some sort of physic powers by lifting tea cup herman knocked over. Brigadier Betty and colonel Austin come in and are surprised to find out that Lei-Qo thinks herman is a skilled tactician (he is). This mission was remade for a co-op mission in Battalion Wars 2.


screen shot

Mission Edit

The player must destroy 3 Xylvanian military targets. The map is open and can allow the player to take different routes to their objectives. The targets are a radar array, oil refinery, and a munitions dump. Their are 2 P.O.W camps that have western Frontier P.O.Ws and the 3rd has solar empire P.O.Ws




  • Grunts
  • rocket vets
  • heavy recons

Solar Empire/ally

  • grunts
  • assault vets

Strategy Edit

The best strategy is to free all the P.O.Ws which will make you life alot easier. Also after destroying the radar array u can take the back way which has heavy recons but allows you destroy the munitions dump before the oil refinery if you want to.


  • The mission is remade in Battalion wars 2 as the co-op map crack squad, the map is at night and some things have also changed but is essentially the same map
  • Herman's hero's name is a spoof on the movie Kelly's hero's
  • Herman's hero's is also the nick name of the frontier soldiers


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