Ice Station X was the large Xylvanian facility that Kaiser Vlad used to uncover the location of the Staff of Qa-Len.

The player's mission is to destroy the Ice Station with a Tundran battalion of Grunts, Bazooka Vets, Flame Vets, Light Tank(s), and 2 Bombers. But to get to the Ice Station and destroy it, the player must eliminate the Anti-Air Towers, so that the path will be safe for the Bombers to obliterate the Concrete Barricade that blocks passage. Optionally, the player can destroy the Xylvanian AA Vehicles to allow Bombers to destroy the Ice Station faster, but once the AA Vehicles are gone, Kommandant Ubel will summon 2 Battleships to protect the Ice Station.

Regardless of how fast you destroy the Ice Station, Vlad will always recieve the coordinates for the Staff of Qa-Len. But at least Ghost Gorgi will rest in peace.

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