Lord Ferrok has created a new weapon he believes has the power to destroy the only force still fighting against him, the Solar Empire. He orders the Battalion to defend the new machine, The Battlestation, from waves of Enemies. Once the engines have warmed up it roars to live. You are given the option to free two lots of POWs along the way, one to the east and the other to the west. Before proceeding north, where there are six solar panels, plugged into them are enemy veichles. The Battlestation and the remaining men must destroy them. Ever now and again a veichle will power up and proceed to attack the Iron Legion, but, should be easily crushed by any veichles. Once all the the panels are blow to bits the mission is complete.


If the Battlestation is destroyed while it's charging up you'll lose the mission instantly, when it becomes mobile, if it's destroyed you will also instantly lose the mission.

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