Kommandant Ubel
180px-BW2 Ubel
Ubel in prison outfit
Vital statistics
Title Kommander/Kommandant
Gender Male
Race Xylvanian
Faction Xylvania
Level multiple
Status Commanding Officer of Xylvania
Location Buried beneath the Tundran Territories
Kommandant Ubel is a Xylvanian millitary commander.

"Don't be ridiculous Kommandant Ubel. A trained monkey would make a better strategist!" - Kaiser Vlad


The Global War Edit

The Fall of TundraEdit


He aspires to be just like Vlad, respecting his superior's power and lack of emotion. He speaks with a thick Austrian accent("Goonships attack!") and is incredibly stupid and quick to anger. He was seen to have to harbor feelings toward Countess Ingrid and posseses extreme physical strength.


  • Kommandant Ubel requested that, once Kaiser Vlad took over the world, he be appointed Govenator. This is obviously a joke on the nickname of California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger, "the Govenator," who also speaks with an Austrian Accent. In BWii if you defeat other player in "destroy all tundrans" he also says hasta la vista baby in homage to T2.
  • Even trough he is very childish, he is known for having worked in the development of the Xylvanian Battlestation.

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