Lightning Wars
The Battlestation, first used in the Lightning wars.
Vital statistics
Participants Ancient Solar Empire / Iron Legion
Date 200 years ago.
Location Old Xylvania, Coral Atolls.

The Lightning Wars were a conflict between the army Old Xylvania, the Iron Legion, and the free nations of the world, mainly the Ancient Solar Empire. Even though the Iron Legion was at the brink of total conquest, the Solar Empire was able to destroy it's army and leader. It is unknown how the Iron Legion turned into Xylvania.

The eventEdit

The origins of the war are uncertain, but apparently the Iron Legion launched an offensive in many world nations. The conflict escalated into a world conflict in which all but the Solar Empire were defeated by the Iron Legion. To prevent the Legion's total victory, Empress Qa-Len declared war on the Legion. At the beginning of the war, Lord Ferrok ordered an assault on the Coral Atolls, leading to many battles in those islands, such as the Donatsu Island battle. The Iron Legion also started a bombing campaign in which they leveled entire cities in the Solar Empire. As a result, the development ofthe first solar Anti-Air Vehicles and Frigates led to the inability of the Legion to bomb the Solar cities and the naval blockade around Old Xylvania trapping Legionary aircraft inside their national boundaries. With this event, Empress Qa-Len shifted her strategy to the offensive. They invaded Old Xylavania, with many degrees of succes, until the development of the first Battlestation.

The battlestation then began series of solar Empire defeats. First with the loss of many recharging vehicles. Then when the Solar Empire's main army was forced to take refuge in a Nerocite mine, they were utterly destroyed by a elite Legion battalion. Empress Qa-Len then decided that unless the solar Empire could attack and destroy the Iron tower directly, they would have to turn to their weapon of last resort: A orbital Solar cannon.


The total power of the Legion devastated the Solar Empire until the Solars won with a solar orbit device.

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