Lower Thatchford is a hamlet situated in the Anglo countryside. It is smaller than nearby Much Whittering, and structurally less interesting. The village consists of a large square with numerous houses dotted around it. Two roads lead from the village, to the north, an airbase, and to the west, Hengecleft Keep.

Pierce mentions "running through its sleepy streets as a boy", implying he grew up in the village or perhaps nearby. Oddly, despite Pierce's remark, the village has no "streets" to speak of, unless one counts the roads that lead to the village.

During the events of Battalion Wars 2, the village is occupied by a Solar garrison at the end of the Anglo-Solar War. They swiftly construct an anti-air turret and a POW camp, containing numerous Anglo grunts. Unlike Much Whittering, Lower Thatchford suffers heavy damage from the attack, half the houses being on fire or destroyed when the player comes to liberate the village. After the POWs are freed, A-Qira flies in more grunts to secure the village but they are defeated by the Anglo force.

Nearby to Lower Thatchford are two airbases, the remains of Hengecleft Keep, a stone monument resembling Stonghenge, and the larger, slightly more interesting, village of Much Whittering.