Major Nelly
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Major Nelly
Vital statistics
Title Major
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Tundran Territories, Alliance of Nations
Level Many
Status Alive married with Colonel Austin
Location Somewhere in the Tundran Territories

Major Nelly is a commander of the Tundran Territories. An excellent CO due to her robust methods and sense of justice, she is a broad, warm woman who cares deeply for her soldiers. Nelly can cut both throat and unnecessary machismo. She tolerates Gorgi's attitude toward her due to her respect for his achievements. She was installed in her current position by Marshal Nova, who unlike his father, better recognized her potential and skills.


The Frontier Wars

The Global War

The Fall of Tundra

Major Nelly only known assistance in the effort to repel the Xylvanians is in the multiplayer Co-Op mission "From Tundra With Love". It is assumed the rest of the time she was on her honeymoon with Frontier CO Colonel Austin.


Like many of the COs in Battalion Wars she is in a way a stereotype of the nation she is from. She can be called the Russian bear of the Tundran Territories (which is fitting considering Tundra is supposed to represent real world Soviet Union/Russia). Even early in the game she is shown to have great interest in Colonel Austin. She is not adept at strategy often giving away her tactics in dialogue (this is mainly for gameplay purposes to help the player early in the game). Compared to the other commanders of the Tundran Territories she commands a very small portion of the Tundran army (mostly Recons and Grunts). But she is quite patriotic even coming to her country's aid shortly after her honeymoon with Colonel Austin during the Xylvanian invasion of Tundra. Her dialogue during a particular mission suggests that she is hospitable and kind to her Frontier prisoners.


  • Nelly only makes one appearance in Battalion Wars 2 and is in the Co-Op Mission "From Tundra with Love".
  • Despite being on opposite sides of him, she shows a great deal of appreciation, admiration and even affection for Colonel Austin, even suggesting that the two of them meet under the white flag "to discuss tactics, of course". This could be interpreted as a cleverly-disguised invitation for sexual activity, although it is quite unlikely. Additionally, she seems to hold the Commander in high regard as well.
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