Missile Silos are not very common in the game, but when they do appear, are often used as mission objectives. The only mission in the main game they are used though is in the "Showdown at Big Honshu" in BWII where the Solar Empire needs to destroy the Anglo Isles' Missile Silos to prevent their fleet from being totally destroyed, thus giving the Anglo Isles total control of Solar Empire waters. The Anglo Isles is the only known nation to have these in the main game, Although in one of the Wifi Assualt missions, the Xylvanians are required to destroy two Frontier Missile Silos as well as a radar installation in order to carry on to the next objective.

Strategy Edit

None, they can only be destroyed by Munitions Expert, so the only strategy against them is to ensure the Munitions expert survives. However, if given Tank and Bomber support, they could be destroyed that way as well. However, this is purely speculation.

Trivia Edit

  • Missile Silos are the only reference in the game to ICBM's (Intercontinental ballistic missile's). It is not known what type of warhead they carry in game, although they are most likely only high explosive warheads.
  • Missile Silos are one of the few, if not the only, defense structures that do not cause damage to the player's units.