Terrain Glitch
Mission 11- Gunships of the Desert Glitches image
Behind the Heavy Recon is the mountain where the glitch occurs.
Vital statistics
Prerequisites None
Level Mission 11
Location Dune Sea
Rewards Attack the rear side of the nerocite fields base.
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= Mountain Terrain Glitch Edit


Gunships of the Desert: Mountain Terrain GlitchEdit

The mountains in the mission, "Gunships of the Desert" are climbable by all units. This was fixed in Battalion Wars 2 or BWii.


I've posted this else where, but it never got looked at, so I'm reposting it here.


After forming up with both your infantry and armor divisions in the mission. You'll head for the nerocite fields base. Defeat on your way the two Anti-air Vehicles, a Heavy Tank, and two Rocket Troopers.

(If you want to destory the MG Emplacement near the base, go ahead... but there is really no need.)

Once you got rid of the pestful X-ers, you can do this. If you look directly at the mountain, you should see a tall, but low hill. It's climbable. You may start to slide back down, but just jump over that one ledge and continue up. Do it with all your units (including heavy recon, and tanks). You'll be able to defeat all the reinforcements before they can enter the fray.


- Preventing the X-ers's reinforcements to enter the fray.

- Destroy all Gunships

- All units defeated.

- S Rank - 100%

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