Multiplayer So far Battalion Wars 2is the only game in the series to support online over the wii's wi-fi connection. There are 3 modes in multiplayer assault,skirmish, and co-op. assault and skirmish both have 6 unique maps designed for the game modes and 3 out of the 6 are locked until the player has played a certain number of maps. Co-op has 4 maps and 1 is locked at the start, also in Multiplayer it is the only time the player uses the wii's 1 and 2 controls which are used to send messages to your ally in Co-op. All modes keep a number of wins and loses and leaving the match is counted as a lose. there are a total of 16 maps in multiplayer

Assault Edit

Assault plays like most of the missions in single player. One player attacks a certain number of objective (different for each map) then captures the defenders HQ, While the defender tries to hold off the attacker until a timer runs out. In some maps there are secondary objectives that both sides can capture for a advantage over the other side or in other maps the secondary only increases the attackers strength and just gives the defenders another thing to defend. Units spawn from a spawn point the has an image of the sides symbol.Once an object is completed the defenders spawn point moves back while the attacker takes its old position. Defenders have AI controlled defenses which are alot more durable than they are in single player which makes them a useful asset but defender controlled units spawn slower than the attackers unit (Not 100% sure if thats true if somebody could find that out that be awesome:).

Skirmish Edit

Skirmish is a death match like mode when 2 sides have usually the same units and infinite spawn. Both sides get points for destroying each others units or defenses. Who ever has the most points by the end of the match wins. Some maps have neutral facilities which can be captured for extra units. Also units spawn from a spawn point similar to Assault except it doesn't move.

Co-op Edit

Co-op missions have 2 players going against the game's AI. There are 4 maps in total each takes place at different points during the single player campaign. In this mode the players can use the 1 and 2 buttons on the wii controller to tell each other to capture places and support units. Each player has units that are needed by the other who doesn't have them for example in one mission the Tundrans have a Battle Station but don't have air defense so the Western Frontier to use their Anti Air Vehicles to defend the battle station while the battle station defends the frontier from heavy tanks. One player leaving will end the match.