The Naval Transport is a new unit revealed in Battalion Wars 2.

They are used in naval assaults to transport infantry and light vehicles.

Their maximum carrying capacity is five infantry and one light vehicle (Light tanks are commonly used)

They are most vulnerable to Submarines. Battleships are also effective. In terms of an air attack, Bombers are a transport's worst nightmare, followed by a swarm of Gunships, provided there is no Frigate escort.

The player cannot take control of a Naval Transport. As purely NPC units, they are either an escort/protection target in the case of allied transports, or a destruction target in the case of enemy transports.

Countries Edit

Western Frontier Edit

The Mk1 Kayak LCA landing craft is designed to rapidly deploy infantry and light armor during coastal assaults. The vessel saw little action during recent Tundran hostilities due to the ease with which coastal sheet ice could foul its small propeller

Anglo Isles Edit

The A-class "Sand Shovel" has landed many an Anglo infantrymen on hostile shores. It would come into its own during the preemptive strike upon the scattered tropical islands of the Solar Empire.

Solar Empire Edit

A nightmarish voyage awaited the occupants of the Type-48 Ee-Qada landing craft as they crossed the oceans to old Xylvania. Following months aboard their tiny transports they would have to endure the boiling seas and sulphurous breaches of old Xylvania.

Trivia Edit

  • The Western Frontier Naval Transport is based on the LCVP or "Higgins Boat" as it was called.

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