Operation POW is the fourth mission in Battalion Wars 1. The mission begins with a short cutscene that has Brigadier Betty explaining to the player how the Tundrans captured two rifle grunts and a light recon during their assault on Windbreak Ridge, and how the player must liberate the recon and drive to the Frontier camp.


The mission begins with the player killing the infantry and the light tank at the POW camp, and then getting in the recon. The player then begins the long drive to the Frontier camp. Eventually, Marshall Nova realizes that infantry won't take out the recon successfully, so he sends in a Tundran gunship. The player quickly goes through a Tundran camp, and goes into the forest. The player heads in the direction of the silver star, and heads out of the trees. The player keeps going across a Tundran roadblock and makes it to the Frontier camp. The missile veterans take out the gunship, and the player advisably uses the tank to take out the waves of infantry Marshall Nova sends in. He sends in a wave of rifle grunts, one light recon, a wave of bazooka veterans, another wave of rifle grunts, and one light tank. During the light tank's attack, a different Tundran gunship will close in. Once defeating all of the enemies of the final battle, the mission ends.

Objectives Edit

Primary Edit

  • Liberate the Frontier Units
  • Escape from the Tundran Base
  • Escape to the Mobile Camp
  • Defend the Mobile Camp

Secondary Edit

  • Drive through the Forest

Units Edit

Player (Western Frontier) Edit



  • Recon - Tundran Base POW Camp; all starting units become permanently NPC upon transfer
  • Light Tank - Mobile Camp; Recon becomes permanently NPC upon transfer
  • Grunt (3) + Bazooka (2) + Anti-Air Veteran (2) - Mobile Camp; available upon transfer to Light Tank

Enemy (Tundra Territories) Edit

Tundran Base:

  • Grunt (4)
  • Light Tank

Path up to checkpoint:

  • Grunt (5)
  • Bazooka (1)

North path (longer):

  • Grunt (4)

South path (shorter):

  • Light Tank (2)


  • Bazooka (1)
  • Light Recon

Path up to first jump:

  • Grunt (5)
  • Bazooka (1)
  • Assault (2)

Path between jumps:

  • Grunt (3)
  • Bazooka (4)
  • Assault (1)


  • Grunt (1) - goes on Gunship
  • Bazooka (1)
  • Light Tank (2)
  • Gunship - chases Recon


  • Grunt (5) - all chase Recon
  • Assault (2)

Tundran roadblock:

  • Grunt (2)
  • Bazooka (2) - attack after ordered
  • Light Tank
  • Light Recon

Attack force reinforcements:

  • Grunt (7) - spawn on arrival to Mobile Camp, attack right away
  • Bazooka (3) - spawn on arrival to Mobile Camp, attack after ordered
  • Gunship - spawn on arrival to Mobile Camp, attacks during light tank's attack



  • Grunt - 35+1
  • Bazooka - 13
  • Assault - 3
  • Light Tank - 6
  • Light Recon - 2
  • Gunship - 2
  • MG Tower - 2

Strategy Edit

  • Speed required for 100%: 7:30
  • Speed for 0%: 10:00