Operation P.O.W is the 4th mission in Battalion Wars. According to Brigadier Betty during the assualt on Windbreak Ridge the Tundrans captured 2 Frontier scouts and are holding them in their camp. The player is to rescue them and get them to the Western Frontier mobile camp. This mission is different from the rest in the game because most of the mission is spent in the recon trying to escape tundran forces.


a screen shot of Operation P.O.W

Mission Edit

The player starts the mission with a squad of grunts and Bazooka Veterans and must liberate the Frontier scouts from a tundran camp. During this Betty tells you that the Scouts have time criticle intelligence and need to get to the camp before 5 minutes. After the player drives the recon to another tundran base Marshall Nova sends a gunship after it. Once the player drives past the second tundran blockade you will arrive at the frontier Camp and need to park under the gold star. After that the player gets control of the garrison at the camp you will need to defend against a Tundran Counter-Attack.

Units Edit


  • 4 Grunts at beginning/3 at camp
  • 3 Bazookas at beginning/2 at camp
  • 1 light Recon (no gun)


  • Grunts
  • Bazooka Vets
  • Light Recon
  • Light tanks

Strategy Edit

The recon can easily lose control and crash, the best way to avoid this is to use Heavy Traction mode so the recon can be more stable. At the camp leave the anti-air vets in the back of the garrison so they don't get killed which can be really bad considering you only have 2!

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