Operation ReprimandEdit

Here you are commanded by Colonel Windsor, who has ordered you to shut down the Solar empire secret naval base set p near the Anglo Isles favorite war memorial, Windsor Colum that has been covered in graffti by Admiral A-Quira and his men.


The Ground forces advance, given the opertunity to save two lots of POWs from the enmies. Those being Bazooka vets and a heavy tank. The forces proceed to the Anti-Air array and destroy it enabling the clean-up sqaud to land in transport helicopters. You are then put under the command of Commander Pierce and put in charge of two Anglo bombers. You have to take out the artillery units, tanks and MG towers that block the Sqauds path to windsors colum, before the sqaud runs right into them. The Tundran-Solar alliance holds and four Tundrun battleships take on the sqaud, but, the bombers destroy them. Then A-Quira reveals the whole thing to be a trap and unleashes his secret nval project, the Dreadnought. The dreadnought proceeds to attempt to destroy Windsor's colum, while the clean-up crew wash off the graffti. The bombers then take down the Dreadnought and the Sqaud restore the colum to it's former glory. Marshall Nova begins to question A-Quira's commandment and the validity of the war and calls for all Tundrun forces to abandon their stations and leave the Solar Empire to fend for itself.

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