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Plan of attack was a Western Frontier offensive lead by Colonel Austin on the Tundran held castle Potemkin. The scout's rescued in the previous mission Operation POW revealed the location of the castle and the Tundran occupation. The Tundran forces are lead by Major Nelly.

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The commander has to capture the tundran base at Castle Potemkin. The map is very large and has 2 P.O.W camps, the one in front of the castle has Flame Vets while the one at the castle's west flank has a Light Tank. There are two ways to get to the castle; one is the main entrance which has alot of Bazooka Vets but more room to evade while the castle flank has two bridges the extend across two canyons, this way has more flame vets but less resistance in general. After reaching the castle the commander has to take the base's capture point which is hard due to the base having a heavy tank and a light tank, and once you destroy them Nelly will send in reinforcements,



  • 7 Grunts
  • 4 Bazooka Vets
  • light Recon (now with an extra gun)
  • light tank
  • light tank (additional P.O.W)
  • 5 Flame vets (P.O.W)


  • Grunts
  • Bazooka Vets
  • Flame Vets


Try freeing the Flame Vets at the East P.O.W Camp then taking the West flank to get both silver objectives.

Try freeing the Western P.O.W camp with only the tank because the only defense are flame vets which do little damage.


  • The name Potemkin is used in Battalion Wars 2 for the name of Tundra's Dreadnought.
  • A map very similar to this is used in Battalion Wars 2 in the online co-op mission From Tundra With Love.