Pvt. Hazard
Injured/lost in a mine field Western Frontier Grunt
Vital statistics
Title Grunt
Faction Western Frontier
Health Normal
Level Scorched Earth
Status Alive
Location With his mother in the Western Frontier
Pvt. Hazard
Health Normal
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Pvt. Hazard is a grunt, who (somehow) got lost in the middle of a minefield laid by Kommandant Ubel.


Pvt. Hazard is only a Western Frontier grunt, and doesn't gain/lose any abilities.


In an uncharacteristically sentimental move, General Herman green-lit a special operation headed by Brigadier Betty. The mission: to pull infantryman Hazard from the front line and send him home to his grief-stricken mother."

'Saving Pvt. Hazard' is only a secondary objective in the first mission of the Tundran Territories' Campaign, named "Scorched Earth". He must be rescued from an Xylvanian minefield located outside Gorgisburg by sending an infantry unit into the field and guiding him out. After Hazard is safe outside the minefield, the secondary objective is completed. There is no need for him to survive after he is rescued.


Although he is on your side (If you decide to save him), he can easily die. But take Gorgi's word for it: "Ubel has laid a minefield somewhere in this sector. Avoid it at all costs!"

But, if you foolishly do decide to go into the field, your infantry will NOT follow you. Only your artillery will, and if your artillery triggers a mine just once, it bites the dust. You can though set your battalion on wait mode and go in as a lone soldier, but it is still very tough. Mines are hidden under mounds of earth. as you approach a mound, it disappears. But the mine is still there, meaning when you are next to it, you cant see it.


  • Due to his name and title, he might be a reference to the movie 'Saving Private Ryan'

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