The Staff of Qa-Len
Vital statistics
Type None
Effects Turns Grunt into Staff Bearer
Source Defeated Battalion
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

The staff Qa-Len used to destroy the Iron Legion. The player uses it as the Staff Bearer.


The staff was used in Qa-Len's final assult to destroy the Iron Legion in the final battle of the Lightning Wars. It will make a grunt able to pierce the armor of a Battlestation and turn it nearly invulnerable. The staff would act as a beacon for the Solar Empire's sattelite-based-weapon.

After the Lightning Wars, Empress Qa-Len throws the staff into an apparently snowy fissure in the ground, apparently remorseful and worried about the power contained in it, apparently, however, the Satellite is not decomissioned, allowing anyone to find the staff be able to use the weapon again.

It's a main plot device in Battalion Wars ii, where it gives the reasoning for Kaiser Vlad's orchrestration of the second battalion wars, which is later revealed to be his distraction while Xylvanian forces search for the legendary staff.

It's eventually found at the end, and accidentally activated when the Mining Spider collapses, almost killing Brigadeer Betty.

Remarkably, Kaisar Vlad and Kommandat Ubel manage to not get harmed by the weapon because of their last ditch underground escape before the staff is activated, of course, however, they are buried underground.


  • It is apparently a refrence to the atomic bomb who were actually originally supposed to be used on the Germans during WWII, but when it was completed, the Germans had already surrendered, and instead, it was used on the Japanese. In this case, however, it's the Japanese using it on the Germans.
  • It has a strong resemblance/it's a reference to the Orbital Ion Cannon that the GDI uses in Command and Conquer, both weapons use a beacon, and both are satellite's in the sky that shoot a destructive beam from above. It is also a reference to the American Particle Cannon from Command and Conquer Generals, for the same reason