Radar Array
Radar Array image
A radar array, to the left of the Tundran gunship
Vital statistics
Type Structure
Effects none
Source WF, TT, SE, Xyl.
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

Radar Arrays are used by many nations to either search for aircraft or send messages. Radar Arrays are in many levels, either they need to be destroyed, captured,or defended for a certain amount of time. They come is many forms some are small trucks with satellite dishes or just a giant satellite dish. The only known nations to use them are the Western Frontier, Tundran Territories, Solar Empire and Xylvania.


The first time "The Commander" encounters a radar array is during Assault on Windbreak Ridge which he needs to defend. Another use of an array is to send a message which is shown in the mission Bridges on the River Styx where Kaiser Vlad needs them to destroy some bridges. Radar Arrays are seen in both Battalion Wars and Battalion Wars 2


The Arrays in "Bridges on the River Styx" look similar to the frontier radar arrays except their blue and have the Xylvanian crest.

The radar array found in Operation Reprimand has an Anti-Air gun attached which your units will attack normally but can't be locked onto.

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