Sand Castles is the first Skirmish mission you can unlock. It takes place on an island owned by the Solar Empire. The teams are the Anglo Isles and the Western Frontier.

Each Faction has:

Grunt: 6

Bazooka: 3

Anti-Air: 1

Both can try to capture these facilities for these units:

Light Tank (Factory): 1

Bomber (Airbase): 1

Capture an Airbase to receive 1 Bomber and the Factory to get 1 Light Tank.


Airbase: 2

Factory: 1


Neither faction has an advantage, the first shots usually begin at the Factory in the middle of the map. If you capture an Airbase, the Bomber can easily take out the enemy battalion. The Light Tank from the Factory is a good support-defense unit as it can help take down the enemies Grunts and Auto-Cannons. But you must be careful when facing enemy Bazooka Veterans. The only problem is that this map is not very balanced once one player captures both Airbases. With two Airbases, a player will have their Bombers' re-spawn rate cut in half. This will make it difficult for your lone Anti-Air Veteran to destroy. So you must either keep tabs on at least one Airbase or try to capture both yourself in order to prevent the other player from gaining victory.


-This is the only Skirmish mission with the Anglo Islanders.

-This is the only mission where you can see what the Anglo Barracks and Factories look like.

-Sand castle sculptures can be found along the shoreline of the map.

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