The Staff Bearer is a unique infantry unit to the Solar Empire. His role was to take the Staff of Qa-Len to the Iron Tower to end the Lightning Wars.

Qa-Len's initial plan was to use a Strike Battalion to escort the Staff to the Iron Tower but the Battalion was wiped out by a Legion bomber. After this the Staff is retrieved by a single soldier who finds a group of survivors who take the staff to the Iron Tower and destroy the Iron Legion. As the Staff is more or less a beacon that the Empire's satellite weapon homes in on, and the destruction it causes, it's presumed that the Staff Bearer and his troops do not survive the initial blast, let alone the collapse of the Iron Tower.

Dossier[edit | edit source]

"Empress Qa-Len ordered all records pertaining to the Empire's satellite weapons and the Staff which could control them to be burnt in the months that followed the Lightning Wars. Until recently. It was thought that only the imperial household even knew of their existence."

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Staff Bearer is only playable in the tutorial mission of Battalion Wars 2. Initially a standard Rifle Grunt, he retrieves the Staff after the previous bearer is bombed to oblivion with the Strike Battalion. The artifact supercharges his weapon, granting it Assault Vet rate of fire, the ability to effectively damage armor, and grants him a shield, allowing him to single-handedly fight his way through dozens of Legion forces and even a Battlestation. Afterwards, his weapon would fuse with the Staff, preventing it from firing, and he was forced to command a squad of surviving infantry to handle the rest of the journey.

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