The Anglo Invasion of The Solar Empire
Vital statistics
Participants The Anglo Isles, The Solar Empire
Date 200 Years After The Lightning Wars
Location The Solar Empire

The trigger for the Second Battalion Wars, and the second part of Kaiser Vlad's plot.

The eventEdit

The Anglo Isles had good reason to believe, due to an unknown source tipping them off (possibly an Xylvanian spy) that The Solar Empire were building a Super Weapon which is designed to destroy them. Tensions had been around from before the invasion, but this was the information they needed to blow the keg. It began with an air and naval assault on the homeland, with the Solar Empire caught completely off guard (The Empress wasn't even aware of this until Admiral A-Qira told her.) It then proceeded to a ground war when Anglo soldiers began deploying and taking numerous islands, which was matched by a reply by the Commander , lead by the Admiral himself, who commanded several assault and task forces who retook the islands.


The Anglo Isles had a forced retreat, and Admiral A-Qira, furius by the invasion, sought for assistance of Marshall Nova, who allied with him and lead both the Solar Empire and Tundran Territories to attack the Anglo Isles, beginning the Solar Empire Invasion of The Anglo Isles.

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