The Commander
Vital statistics
Gender Unknown
Race Human
Faction Multifactional
Level Commander
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

The Commander is the player character used in Battalion Wars and Battalion Wars 2. He usually commands a task force of a various units referred to as a "Battalion". He is almost always given objectives by a CO in charge of the battle. He/she also has a radio that allows him to hear both enemy and friendly CO's. Lastly, COs can paint targets with a gold or silver star in order of priority, and the Commander can see these to be reminded of exactly where objectives are, as well as their priority.


  • Even though Commander Pierce is in the same Rank as the Player, the player takes orders from him.
  • It is unknown if the player controls a different "commander" for each nation, or if there is a single commander. If the latter, it is unknown how he constantly changes allegiances, and why.
  • The Commander is shown to be skilled and proficient at every single facet of modern warfare, from infantry movement to piloting aircraft. This may suggest that he has experience stretching back many years, to the origin of war.
  • All the CO's he serves under regard him with respect, complimenting his strategy and battlefield efficiency from time to time. Even his enemies refer to him as a worthy opponent.
  • Since the player constantly circles between units, there is absolutely NO way of knowing exactly what the Commander looks like.
  • It is also not known where exactly he comes from. During the Anglo Isles intro briefing in BW2, the narrator tells the Commander to "save [his] homeland from the Solar Empire and the Tundran Territories". However, this could be just a statement meant to add to the drama.
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