Screen Shot from the mission

The Guns of Tiki Bay is the 15th mission in Battalion Wars and the 4th in the Coral Atolls Campaign . The Alliance forces are lead by Brigadier Betty and Emperess Lei-Qo while the enemy CO is Countess Ingrid.

Mission Edit

The mission starts out with a combined assault on an island in the Coral Atolls by the Western Frontier and the Solar Empire. In the beginning of the mission Lei-Qo informs the player that the fortress on the eastern part of the island has been successfully taken by solar forces. The player is then tasked with eliminating the Xylvanian forces on the western part of the island with the help of allied Solar units. The player in then attacked by an enemy battlestation which has to be destroyed. After the destruction of the 1st battlestation Ingrid will send the other to destroy the solar empire position on the other side of the island and will provide fighter support. The player then has to eliminate all of Ingrid's fighter squadron in order to get gunships to destroy the battle station before it reaches the Solar base.



  • grunts
  • assault vets
  • bazooka vets
  • gunships
  • anit-air vehicles


  • grunts
  • assault vets
  • flame vets


  • grunts
  • minigun vets
  • ack-ack vets
  • rocket vets
  • battlestations
  • fighters


When the 1st battlestation arrives bring your infantry back as to stay out of it fire and destroy it with your gunship.

It is also important that you destroy the fighter squadron quickly before the battlestation reaches the other end of the island.


If you approach the second battlestation very slowly, you can lock on to it without the battlestation starting the drive to the Solar Base.

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