The Reckoning is the final mission of Battalion Wars 2.

Strategy Edit

The level begins with a Tundran radar array being under attack. You must use a Battlestation and anti-air veterans to defend the array from heavy tanks and gunships. After defending the radar array Tundran gunships join the battalion and you can move on. After that two enemy battlestations will attack you, but they are easily destroyed by your gunships and battlestation. Soon you will find another radar array and two Western Frontier heavy tanks being attacked by a Xylvanian battlestation. Destroy the battlestation and they will join your battalion. After that you will find a heavily guarded POW camp where you can free two Solar AA vehicles. Soon after you will find another POW camp where you will find another two Frontier heavy tanks. When you have liberated the heavy tanks you will find the Mining Spider, but it is protected by a forcefield, which can be taken down by destroying three shield generators nearby. The area of the mining spider is guarded by enemy battlestations, fighters and heavy tanks so it is better to get rid of them first. After the forcefield is down, enemy strato destroyers appear along with three friendly Anglo fighters. The battlestation is the only unit that can damage the mining spider so it is better to let other units take care of the strato destroyers and other enemy units. When the mining spider is destroyed the mission ends.

Trivia Edit

This is the only mission, where you can use units of different nations than the one you start the mission as. This however is explained by the fact that you are playing as the Alliance of Nations during the latter part of the mission (if you look at the icon of the army you will see a globe with two arrows surrounding it).

This is the only mission in Battalion Wars 2 where Strato Destroyers appear.

This is the only mission where friendly grunts don't appeer

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