Their Finest Hour Edit

Your CO is Commander Pierce. You are doing a final battle against the Solar Empire.

Objectives Edit

Primary Edit

1: Defend the airbase

2: Capture the airbase

Secondary Edit

1: Activate the helipads

2: Free the POWs

Strategy Edit

Defend the airbase by switching to your fighter and take out the air transports, gunships, and fighter. If an air transport lands a tank then use your bomber. Once you have defended the airbase go to the left Helipad to get Bazookas. Then go to the more righter helipad to get a tank. There are anti-air defenses so destroy those and then send in your air force. Then go to the POW camp and liberate them. It is also guarded by an anti-air tower. The road ahead is clear for your bombers but there is anti-air towers near it. Destroy those with your ground units and clear everything else with your bomber. There are gunships and fighters that will respond so take them out.

Speed Rank Trick Edit

If you want to have the fastest win ever, read this. Switch to your bomber immediately then fly to the POWs and tell them to instantly capture the airbase. Clear the light tanks and auto-guns for your grunts and then tell your fighter to follow so that any gunships that spawn will be shot down.

Trivia Edit

1: In the middle of the map there is what appears to be the Stonehenge.

2: Its ironic that the longest mission in the game can be completed in about 1 minute!

3: This is the only mission in the game when the Solar Empire fighter shows up in a level besides the cutscene of Anglo Attack.

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