Titans of Tundra is the 5th mission in the Tundra campaign. The commander is tasked with destroying a Tundran Elite Tank division know as The Iron Eight, After the tanks are destroyed The tundran army will become very demoralized.


screen shot of titans of tundra

Mission Edit

After the capture of Castle Potemkin by the Frontier in Plan of Attack the frontier discovers the Iron eight are hiding in this sector. After destroying the tanks the Tundran army becomes demoralized. The mission is lead by General Herman and the Tundrans are lead by Marshall Nova.

Units Edit


Tundra/ enemy

  • grunts
  • bazooka vets
  • flame vets
  • heavy tanks
  • gunships


The map is wide and allows the player to approach the enemy in any way they want. Their are 8 Heavy Tanks in the area all of which need to be destroyed. The area is crawling with bazooka vets so the player needs to keep their light tanks out of the way of their fire, however the mission can be completed with the bazooka vets if their skilled enough. Also their are many Gunships in the area so keep your anti-air vets safe.

Trivia Edit

  • The Iron Eight are supposed to to be invincible but are not any stronger than a normal heavy tank.
  • The Tundran Bonus Mission uses the same map.
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